On 21 September 2015, AOR N.V. and the Oilio brand were acquired by Archer Daniels Midland Company, one of the world’s premiere agricultural processors and food ingredient providers. Through ADM’s global supply chain, Oilio will continue to provide customers around the world with high-quality edible oils.

The mission statement of ADM Antwerp NV, manufacturer of individually packaged cooking oils, contains 4 main guidelines.

ADM Antwerp NV aims to produce quality products, complying with the strictest requirements for quality, traceability, food safety and sustainability.

Guideline II: INTEGRITY:
Integrity towards both clients and coworkers is a non-negotiable in ADM Antwerp NV‘s code of conduct.

It is important to ADM Antwerp NV that employees reach their full potential. Our aim is to combine our search of excellence with individual and collective well-being. ADM Antwerp NV aims to support coworkers‘ initiatives at all times, as long as they are in the interest of colleagues, clients and business partners.

Guideline IV: RESULT-ORIENTEDNESS Collective progress for both clients and the ADM Antwerp NV group is our last, but certainly not least, important guideline.